Roanoke TX real estate agents that rock!

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Roanoke TX real estate agents that rock!

Looking for homes for sale in Roanoke TX?  Kirby Smith Realty

For the longest time Roanoke TX was just a sleepy little bedroom community.  Until about 10 years ago that is.  Roanoke has been booming with lots of new housing developments coming into town.  And all of sudden you have a lot of real estate agents thinking they are Roanoke experts.  Ha Ha Ha!

Kirby Smith, the broker owner at Kirby Smith Realty in Roanoke TX, is a lifelong resident of Roanoke TX.  He's been selling Roanoke TX real estate before most of these agents even knew Roanoke existed.  Kirby doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walks.  He's vested in the Roanoke community.  He lives there, works there, raises his two girls there, serves on city council there.  He's all Roanoke all the time.  None of these other agents can say that.

If you're looking for homes for sale in Roanoke TX, you need to call Kirby Smith's office and talk to Kirby or Julie Patton.  They will make sure you get the best representation possible.  Are you wanting to sell your Roanoke TX real estate?  Again, call Kirby's office at 682-237-1440 and talk to Kirby.  He's been selling homes in Roanoke TX for over 15 years, and has sold more Roanoke homes than most of these new agents combined.

Don't settle for Roanoke TX expert wanna be's!  Call Kirby Smith today.