Getting a loan for your Roanoke home!

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Steps for Getting a loan for your Roanoke home!

Another post on homes for sale in Roanoke TX, by Roanoke TX real estate expert Kirby Smith

In this hot Roanoke TX real estate market, buyer's need to be prepared with a ready to go mortgage before making an offer on a home.  Homes in Roanoke TX, generally are in the price range of about $175,000 and go up to about $750,000 currently.  This means that many types of loan programs are available.

For the lower priced homes, FHA, USDA and VA loans are always great loan programs.  These are government loan programs and come with little are no downpayment options.  Most any lender can offer these loan programs, but if you are looking to buy a home in Roanoke TX, we highly recommend Crystal Poskey for all your mortage needs.  Crystal is the loan expert at Cendera Funding in Roanoke, TX  located at 404 Oak ST.  Crystal's number is 682-433-4352 and email is  The loan process is usually the most complicated process when purchasing your home, so you want to make sure you work with someone like Crystal, who knows their business and makes the process seamless.

Another type of popular loan program is simply a conventional loan.  Generally homebuyers who have more money will use this type of loan program, as they require at least 5% down.  Most of the time, homebuyers utilizing a conventional loan will put down 10 to 20%.  

The last type of loan is called a jumbo loan and these types of loans are generally used when the purchase price is over $450,000.  That's because the other types loan programs will not go that high.  

There's not a lot of homes for sale in Roanoke TX right now, but as we get further into the Spring months, more and more homes will start coming on the market.  Now is the perfect time to talk to Crystal to get pre-qualified for your next Roanoke home.

After you get pre-qualified, I as your Roanoke TX real estate expert, can help you find the perfect home and negotiate the best deal for  you.  Call me today at 682-237-1440 or email me at