Is June a Good Month to Sell in Roanoke?

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Kirby Smith, the most influential of Roanoke TX Realtors, discusses Roanoke TX real estate.

In today’s blog, I want to discuss the timing of selling your Roanoke TX home.  When is the best time to sell a home?  Does it make a difference?  Do you get more for a home in the summer months vs. the winter months?

I’m going to answer these questions about Roanoke Texas real estate today.

Right now, Roanoke TX real estate inventory is at an all time low, which means that there’s many more homebuyers in the market looking for homes than there are homes for sale.  What does this mean?  Whenever you a shortage of anything, what happens?  The prices go up.  And that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now with Roanoke TX real estate.  Roanoke home values continue to go up at a record pace.

So right now happens to be a great time to sell your Roanoke TX home.  There are many Roanoke TX Realtors, but only one was born and raised in Roanoke.  Only one has been selling real estate in Roanoke full time for 17 years, since the year 2000.  One one serves on the Roanoke TX city council.  Only one is considered Roanoke’s foremost real estate expert.  Kirby Smith get’s results.

If you would like to find out the value of your Roanoke TX home or if you are interested in looking at homes for sale in Roanoke TX, I invite you to call me at 682-237-1440 or email me at  I’m available to discuss real estate almost anytime, so don’t delay, call Kirby today!